Dog Bone Identification Tag

  • $12.00

This is a 1"x3/8" polished aluminum dog identification tag/keychain, personalized with your pup's name, your phone number, and paw prints (optional)!

The tag comes with a key ring to easily attach it to your dog's collar.

We offer a 6-month warranty on dog identification tags, simply because of the wear and tear that are associated with being attached to a dog! Things that are covered under this warranty are: damaged/broken tag and discoloration of letters/numbers. Scratches are not covered as this is a normal occurance, especially if your pup also wears a rabies tag. Please message us and send a photo of your tag if you wish to use the warranty.

Because each piece is hand-stamped by me, there could be slight variations in the spacing and placement of each letter stamp. These are not flaws, but simply a unique feature of hand-stamped jewelry.