7 Things No One Tells You When Starting A Business - by Jon Acuff

March 11, 2018

My mom forwarded me this e-mail/article from Jon Acuff the other day and I thought it totally fit in with the blog post I did a few weeks ago.  I have a lot of crazy ideas when it comes to expanding my business so I should probably keep some of these in mind.
Here it is...with my commentary mixed in :)

Running your business delivers the most fun you’ll ever have, but also the most fear.

It will be one of the most challenging but rewarding things you’ll ever do. And you will learn things like this that no one tells you about.

1. You’ll become a workaholic if you’re not careful. You think that without a vacation policy at a corporation you’ll take more time off. The reverse is usually true. Burnout kills more businesses than failure.
           * Yup, already a workaholic.  Been one my whole life, so what's new?

2. Some friends won’t understand what you're doing. Sometimes you’ll feel silly telling friends about what you do at dinner parties. You’ll feel wildly unqualified to do what you’re doing and the slightest criticism will sting.
          * Yup, pretty sure I did a whole blog post on figuring out what to call what I do.  But luckily my friends are awesome! :)

3. Health care will make you want to punch every politician in the face.
          * Omg, giving up insurance and getting on my husband's plan was not fun.  Sooooo expensive!

4. Some years you will make more money than you’ve ever seen, other years will feel like a famine. You’re not supposed to eat Ramen in your 40s and yet here you are.
          * What's everyone's beef with Ramen?  It's not that bad!

5. Being an entrepreneur can be one of the loneliest activities, but it doesn’t have to be.
          * Yes it's kind of a bummer not having adults to talk to on a daily basis, but I'm an introvert so sometimes the loneliness is nice!

6. Just because you work from home doesn’t mean your spouse wants to be your co-worker.
         * Bahahahaha!  "Umm honey, could you maybe weed this vinyl for me?  Honey could you help me put stickers on these envelopes?"  Luckily mine always responds with a lovely "yes dear."

7. Hiring the right people will be one of the most difficult things you do. It will also be one of the best.
         * I'm not one to ask for help mainly because I like doing things on my own and honestly some of the stuff that I do would take more time, stress, and effort to try and teach someone to do it than if I were to just do it myself (and then I know it gets done right!)  But having my sister to help out occasionally when I need it is nice...except when she flakes out on me because her recliner is more comfortable :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!  Wishing I was on a beach somewhere or at Spring Training in Florida for spring break, but that will just have to wait until June!