My Venture Into Chalk Couture

February 19, 2018

My Venture Into Chalk Couture

I will be honest...I never in a million years thought that I would be joining a direct sales based company.  I have some friends and companies that I support and I use and like their products, but I have had so many negative experiences with people in direct sales that just the term "direct sales" made me shudder and run away.  Like the time when I was getting married and a certain bridal store gave away my contact info to a certain makeup company in which the salesperson talked me into a bridal makeup class with six other ladies.  After which I was brought into a closed room and pressured to purchase things I didn't want and give her my friends' contact info.  Uhhh no thank you lady.  

Then I stumbled across Chalk Couture.  When I first learned about the product from watching videos on my future sponsor's blog I was glued to the screen watching how easy and quick it was to make adorable signs and more.  When I learned it was a direct sales company I was a little hesitant but decided that I didn't care.  I was so excited to use the stencils and paste and the fact that I could make a little money by building a team was only secondary motivation.  The company had just launched in July so it was something new and fresh that no one had seen before.  I ended up joining in September.

After my first Chalk Couture booth at a craft show I decided I'm going to go for this 100%.  The looks on people's faces as they watched how easy it was and saw how much fun they were having made me realize that this company is so different from any other.  I absolutely love that I don't have to solely push product on people to make money.  I can do make 'n take parties, I can sell finished items, and I can do craft shows.

Leadership conference was held two weeks ago and the amount of amazing new products that were unveiled has solidified my decision to join this company.  The new, permanent couture ink is now here and it is amazing!  The over 50 new transfers that have launched are also amazing and so cute!  Not to mention they have lowered prices of all of their transfers as well as drastically increased the amount of items you get in your Starter Kit making it easier for everyone to get their hands on it!

My goal is to keep a good balance on my site and my Facebook page between everything that I, shirts, DIY, Chalk Couture, etc.  But I really do believe that Chalk Couture is the next big thing in both the crafting world and the direct sales world and I'm so excited to be a part of it.  If you are interested in joining me on this crazy journey as a Designer, want to host a make 'n take party, or just want to try the stencils and paste, please reach out.  Even if you're not crafty...if my almost 4 year old son can do it, so can you :)

Check out my Facebook page HERE or my Chalk Couture page HERE!