Turning Any Paint Into Chalk Paint!

March 18, 2018

Turning Any Paint Into Chalk Paint!

While at the Pinners Conference in Texas in September I discovered a product called BB Frosch chalk powder.  I love using chalk paint for painting because it's thicker and therefore has better coverage and doesn't bleed under stencils as much.  I know chalk paint is very popular with furniture painters as well.  The only drawback is that it's pretty expensive and sometimes the colors can be limited.  So when I saw BB Frosch looked like a cheaper alternative to purchasing pre-mixed chalk paint.

It's pretty simple...just mix in the chalk powder with water according to the proportions on the container then add your acrylic or latex paint to the mixture (don't add the powder directly to paint!).  Stir or shake it up and it thickens it up immediately and gives the paint more of a chalky consistency.  
One piece of advice - don't mix in styrofoam bowls!  The static of the styrofoam was making the powder fly around and stick to the bowl which was kind of annoying!  I probably should have used more powder with the amount of paint I was using but I only had one container and needed to stretch it out with 20+ paint colors.  

These are the new paint squeeze bottles I just got in - they are so cool!  You can get them HERE.  They're exactly like the Subway sauce bottles if you've seen those :)  I was tired of pouring paint onto plates for painting because of the mess, so these will be so much better for both my own painting and paint parties.  


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